Prospective Students

RAships/TAships/REU appointments available: Please contact me if you are a self-motivated PhD student (or graduate student interested in our PhD program) with strong programming skills and strong interests in autonomous systems, software engineering and verification. Please include a copy of your CV/Resume, including descriptions of your education background, programming skills, and previous projects, in your correspondence.

Current Students

  • Prajkta Krishna Jagtap
    - Masters Thesis, Focus: Verification of Formal Modeling Languages
    - Projected Graduation: Spring 2021
  • Jeffrey Moore, II
    - Masters Thesis, Focus: Hardware Security Vulnerability Verification
    - Projected Graduation: Fall 2020
  • William Dunston
    - Undergraduate, Computer Engineering, Focus: Extending Java-Based Program Repair
    - Projected Graduation: Fall 2020

Volunteer Positions

  • Apoorv Saxena
    - Role: Streamline Aunit Analyzer’s development pipeline.

Former Students

  • Jasmine Mabrey
    - M.S. Thesis May 2020: “Automated Defect Classification using Machine Learning”
    - Received: Rising Scholar Award - only one rising scholar award is given out for the entire university.
    - First Job: Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM
  • George Thompson
    - M.S. Thesis May 2020: “Towards Automated Fault Localization for Prolog Models”
    - Nominated for Outstanding Thesis Award
    - First Job: Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM
  • Joelle Banks
    - B.S. in CS May 2020: Conducted an empirical study of program repair techniques to aid in Jasmine Mabrey’s thesis.
  • Regina Bunch
    - M.S. Project Dec 2018: “AMail: Email for Autism”
    - First Job: Cigna, Philadelphia, PA